Friday, September 26, 2008

My First Award

I received my first award from Kat at Kat's Whimsy.
Thank you Kat for thinking of me, that was so sweet of you. I know most of you are familiar with her blog, but if you aren't, please go check out her blog. She has a wonderful kitchen reno going.
And now to pass the honor on to 5 more blogs, in no particular order.
1. Sunday Baker
2. Mabel's House
3. Just Beachy in the City
4. The Lettered Cottage
5. Just Beachy


  1. Thanks, Alice! This made my morning :)

  2. Your welcome Alice!
    My family loved the cake!

  3. Alice,

    Nice "meeting you!" I am so happy you read my post and came to "see" me at my blog.

    Your blog is warm and welcoming and (I hope you don't mind) I have added it to my list of favorites.

    UCDMC is amazing, aren't they? I am glad to hear that your son is doing alright. There is nothing worse than worrying about our loved ones.

    So, your hubby tried driving for a tow company? Who'd he drive for? There are a few companies out there that I will not allow my hubby to drive for because safety is the last thing on the company owner's mind.

    Tow Driving... Quite the experience, isn't it? It is not always safe, that is for certain. And there are many times I wish my hubby would find something else he loves as much. Somehow, I don't see that haappening anytime soon, especially not in our economy.

    Please, come by my blog anytime, or you are welcome to email me directly at:

    I know I will be frequenting yours!


  4. Robin, thanks for coming by. Yes, UCDMC is amazing!
    It was actually my son that drove for a tow truck co. It was very worriesome. Who would think it was a dangerous job until you think of your baby (lol, 23) on the freeway hooking up a car. Please stop by again.

  5. Jersey girl, your welcome! I really enjoy your blog.

  6. Aww, thanks so much! You are awesome :)

  7. Thanks Alice!! You are too sweet!

  8. Alice,

    I was just reading your entry on Sunday Baker's Friday contest ...

    You and I have more in common than we think. Your premonition of your brother in law's accident.
    You'll have to read my entry - it talks about my premonition of a funeral ....

    Have a great Saturday!