Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Quest for an Organized kitchen

I am always re-organizing my kitchen in the attempt to find the perfect drawer or cupboard for all of my kitchen gadgets, equipment etc...
It's just what I do. Sometimes it will just come to me.... why don't I have the (whatever item it happens to be) in this drawer, that makes more sense. Then it all gets changed and my poor family has to suffer for weeks until they get used to the new place I have cleverly decided works better. Last week I had one of those moments when it came to me, I have always loved this cupboard in the laundry room, which is conveniently located right off the kitchen. Wouldn't that be a perfect place for my bake ware??? And so it began...

Top shelf mini cheesecake pans, loaf pans, square baking pans, batter dispenser
Second shelf 9x13 pans, round cake pans, mini angel food cake pans
and my favorite shelf, cookie cutters in drawers by season, half sheet pans, muffin pans

In the drawers

cutters, and molds

tips, couplers, pastry bags, and food coloring

sanding sugars and sprinkles

birthday candles, cellophane bags, party bags, and sucker sticks

and finally cupcake liners.
Now doesn't this make more sense???
I think if I didn't work at the kitchen store I
would be a kitchen organizer, that would be fun!


  1. hi
    how was your day?
    i liked your blog
    you are fantastic!!!

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    take care
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  2. Wanna come to my house? I'd love to be so organized and that little cupboard looks like a great piece to work with!

  3. Alice...
    Im cracking up here. First you like to make list and now you tell me you like rearrange your kitchen!
    We should be best friends!
    When you were talking about how your family wondering where the silverware here all the time! Ive told everyone not to get attached to a location. When the kitchen is all done I guarantee Im gonna change it again.
    As for you new baking closet Im jealous!! Great space perfectly suited to all the stuff you need to have. Well done!
    Oh and when your done at Carols house....Im waiting!

  4. Scuse my typos...Im typing standing up. Someone stole my chair!

  5. LOL Kat, you wanna know something even weirder, I was at your blog checking things out at the same time you were on mine. We should be best friends!
    I am the only one I know that does that to their kitchen, glad there is someone else out there that has a family suffering too :)

    Paintergal and Kat, I would love to organize your kitchens!

    Beck, thanks for stopping by my blog, and your kind words! I hope you will come back for a visit.

  6. Okay its settled...Your my new best friend!
    Now... do I get to be invited to the next girls night and will there be mini cheesecakes?
    I found my chair! Evidently it makes a great chair for playing video games.