Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I wanted to share pictures of my friend's kitchen. She is getting married next month and her and her fiance just found this cute little house in the country. They have put so much work into it, and it is just darling. They installed laminate flooring throughout, and painted the cabinets white. I love the 50s table and chairs!
How fun for them to start their lives out together in this cute little home. And I must say... I approve of her color choices. :)


  1. Alice...that kichen is bigger than mine use to be. Having a DW right next to the sink in a U kitchen is a must! Mine was in the bar so when the door was open you couldnt move your feet. lol! This is cute kitchen. I like her color choices too. How excited she must be with a pretty new house and about to start on her happily ever after. Congratulations to your friend.

  2. Very cute! That table brings back memories. We had one just like that growing up!

  3. Such a friendly-looking home! Those 50s tables are my FAVORITE! I wish my home could go with that look cuz I'm always checking them out.