Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rosie Gets Cozy

This is Rosie, our 18 month old yorkie. She was a gift to our daughter on her 17th birthday. We had lost our dalmation, Polly, exactly a year prior on her 16th birthday. We were devastated, and it truly took us a year before we were ready for a new dog. Rosie was meant to be in our family, all the pieces just fell into place on Melissa's birthday, and she came home with us. Rosie has become the love of our lives. Even my husband in madly in love with this little girl. She is just the sweetest. Anyway, she loves her bag and if we leave it laying out she will jump in it and take a nap, I'm not sure if she just loves being in it, or wants to go bye- bye and ends up falling asleep while waiting..

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