Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Attempt at French Country

Before I worked at the kitchen store I worked at a french country interior design boutique. I enjoyed it very much, and was able to acquire a few really nice pieces for our home that we had just built. We lived in this house about the same amount of time the boutique was open. Although I don't think french country really works in the house that we are in now, I did save a few pieces that I think blend well. Anyway, this is my version of french country.

this is one of the few pieces that I saved. It's a steel Pierre Deux reproduction sleigh bed. Unfortunately it is sitting in our garage right now probably being ruined. I hope to put it in one of the kid's bedrooms someday if it ever becomes available....but that's another story.

laundry room

no explanation required :)

master bedroom


great room

dining area (not really a room)

all the lampshades, pillows, and trim on the slip covers etc... were all sewn by the owner of the boutique. She is very talented! My brother painted the pictures on the walls.


  1. I loved seeing the pics of your home and the French Country touches! Everything is so pretty, but very livable and comfy-looking. And what I like best is that you didn't make it look "artificial", like a set or something, but incorporated lovely pieces into your own style. That takes real decorating talent!

  2. Oh I remember these pictures. I still love them. You accumulated some beautiful pieces while working for that store.
    I wish my brother could paint!