Wednesday, November 12, 2008


We are lucky enough to have a BIA Cordon Bleu warehouse close by. It's also one of the vendors that we carry at the kitchen store. Once a year, for 4 days, they open up the warehouse to the public and have a huge sale on select, and overstock items. They replenish throughout the day, and there is always new items each day. The prices are incredible! There was a long line when we got there this morning, everyone ready with their carts. There were restaurant owners, people from the bay area etc... all waiting for a bargain. And what a bargain it was. I could have totally gone crazy, but refrained. This is what I scored, I was lucky to get that soup tureen. There were only 3. I wonder what I'll be missing tomorrow???


  1. Alice I'm sooo envious! You scored some great bargains - the soup tureen & the pitcher tucked in the background are just lovely! Oh to be closer & have an Aussie dollar that buys more than 63 cents U.S.!!
    Millie ^_^

  2. Hi Alice!

    I just love your blog...loving your new dishes as well :)

    Martha from Elizabeth Hill

  3. Love the tureen and as I like to say ....You can never have enough bowls....I love bowls...