Thursday, November 27, 2008

Some of my Favorite Baking Tools

These are a few of the things that makes baking a little more enjoyable for me.
Silpat, I'm sure everyone knows what these are by now.

CIA's measuring spoons

CIA's measuring cups. I like the rounded bottom (easy for scooping) and the short, chunky handles, again, easy for scooping.

These strainers are wonderful for sifting flour.

A lemon squeezer, quick and easy, and the small holes keep the seeds from escaping

Messermeister's heat resistant spoon, for those of us with wooden spoon issues.

Chicago Metallic's mini cheesecake pan.

Rosle's spatula. I love that it has a stainless steel handle (can go in the dishwasher, also see above wood issue lol) and it's heat resistant.

OXO liquid angled measuring cups. You can see the measurements from the inside, no bending down to see amount.

OXO cookie scoop. What did we do before these???

What are some of your must haves in the kitchen?

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  1. Hi Alice...I have a little stainless cone shapped colander with a handle that I found at IKEA. I use it all the time, I just love it. My Silpat mat came in handy today when I ran out of parchment paper, I have been meaning forever to get a small ice cream scoop but my favorite kitchen gadgets has to be my microplane grater and all my whisks...