Saturday, November 15, 2008

Imagine the Possibilities

This home is for sale in my town. I know... it has awful curb appeal (It's an REO, in the middle of a re-model) and it's on the main street.
But... check out the inside.

Love the windows, and it has built-ins!
Wouldn't this home be fun to decorate?
I can really imagine it all decked out for Christmas.

Love the kitchen, the wood counters look very warm. Wonder what the up-keep would be like? Professional stove, glass front white cabinets.

So the outside needs a lot of help, but it looks like the inside is practically move-in ready. It has such charm! It was built the same year as my home. I sure would like to see the rest. I might just have to go check it out. You can find more information here. Not a bad price in this area, especially considering the size.


  1. I love this home Alice!!! Are you considering moving??? I could see many possibilities with the outside! The inside is fantastic!

  2. Dang, wish that was in the town I'm planning to retire to in a couple of years! I kind of like having a boring exterior to work some landscaping magic on. Great house!

  3. Fabulous potential Alice - would make an excellent example for one of TV Home makeover shows.
    Millie ^_^

  4. oh my gosh....what a great house on the inside, and what an awful house on the outside!! It looks more like a business then a home...But then again I guess it would be great to open a little shop in part of it with it being right on the street....But the wood counters in the kitchen were terrific...

  5. I wonder how much this house goes for?