Monday, October 13, 2008

Rate My Space

I found this kitchen while browsing rate my space. It is a wonderful renovation! I love the stainless steel cupboards, the open shelving, the dark hardwood floors.

Very simple and clean

Not a huge space, but so well done. I love that you can see the dining room off the kitchen.

more open shelving

It doesn't look like they are quite finished, but I think they are doing a fabulous job!


  1. The space looks alot like may daughter's remodel. But she added an island down the center. I love the look but I have found stainless hard to maintain. Atleast with my stove. Hey, I would be happy right now with anything new in my kitchen...To see daughters kitchen from stripped down to bare bones to almost complete she has pictures of the whole process on her blog....the house is from 1760..

  2. Thanks for the link sue, I'm going to go check it out now.