Sunday, October 12, 2008

kitchen built-in

Our home doesn't have a dining room, well not that we know of. I suspect the room that we use as the family room right off the kitchen, and this little eating area might have been meant to be the dining room. It's long and narrow, would make a great dining room except it is open to, and right next to this eating area, and I think that might be weird??? Anyway, didn't mean to get sidetracked. I love this little built in and wanted to share it. It is so convenient, with this space being so small there really wouldn't be room for a separate hutch.

It's the perfect place to store my cake stand and cloche collection.

I just added the Martha Stewart cake stands.

I love the little cupboards on the sides, perfect for extra dinner plates etc...

and the cupboards at the bottom... more cake stands, table linens, candle sticks, and my pewter flatware that is safely stored away. Oh, we used to use it for everyday until my hubby thought one of the spoons would make a great ice cream scoop, never mind we have 3 ice cream scoops, and pewter is a soft metal, hello... You guessed it, snapped in two. So now my pewter is for "special occasions" . So that's it, there is another little built in seperating this little area from the family room that I store my cookbooks in. I'll share that another time.


  1. Alice...beautiful and organized. Your built in is perfect. Love this room. So romantic a table for two.

  2. I love your built-in. Practical ans beautiful.

  3. I love your cabinets and what you've done with it . Very nice ....wish I had one. Sue


  5. I really like the built in hutch. So pretty and simple. New to your blog!