Monday, October 13, 2008

Fun Fall Finds

I have been coveting this little green buffet from Pottery Barn
I wonder if I would eventually tire of the green???

Maple pumpkin cannoli
looks delicious, I might have to make this

It's made with Maple Pumpkin Butter from Stonewall Kitchen
If you haven't tried this, pick some up! Stonewall has many recipes to use with, or it is
delicious just spread on a scone, yum!
Rosle's pie server. So simple and sleek.

Dean and Deluca's Metropolitan Spice Rack, for all that baking that is coming up for the holidays

And also from Dean and Deluca, isn't this bowl too cute?

Love this table runner and napkins from Pottery Barn. This is just what I need for the holidays :)
Well, that's it... I hope you liked some of my finds!


  1. Alice I have been drooling over my PB Catalog that came Thursday. Those linens caught my eye too. Love the little green buffet. Ive been torn on my backsplash for this same reason. I keep seeing beautiful greens in everything from subway tiles to glass. Its such a major commitment to a color.
    Im chicken! I will probably play it safe. However with this little buffet you could always paint it years from now when/if you tire of it.

  2. I love that little cabinet. If you were to tire of green there is always paint.

    I haven't looked at my PB catalog. Getting behind on my catalogs as well as my blogs! I love those linens.

    I just now saw your built in. It's beautiful.

    Enjoyed catching up with you, this morning!

  3. You could check thrift stores for buffet's like that. I found mine that way and I love it!! It painted it and stressed it to make it look older than it even is. You can find one for probably half the cost too.

  4. everyone commented on the green cabinet...My eye was on the pumpkin cannoli...they look wonderful. Is the recipe available from Stonewall?

  5. Kat, I'm with you, a big chicken when it comes to color commitment. Heck, I change my mind from one week to the next on the color of dish towels, lol. You are wise to play it safe on the tile. I have always been told on major things like that think blank canvas.

    Hi Pat, thanks for stopping by. I have a little french antique buffet about that size, it has crossed my mind to paint it, but I have heard that is a crime ;) But I am definitely considering it. I love that green!

    Hi Beth, thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your idea, I will have to keep my eye out for a cabinet. I feel like everyone else has a good vision for things like that, I have to see it painted in front of me. But I will keep trying.

    Sue, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Doesn't that cannoli look great? Actually Stonewall does have a recipe. If you click on "maple pumpkin cannoli" right under the picture, it will take you right to the recipe. Let me know if you make it.

  6. I saw that buffet from Pottery Barn and nearly drooled on myself!

  7. Yumm-those cannolis look amazing. I have some of that in my cabinet. Maybe I'll make some. Thanks for the idea. :)

  8. I painted a cabinet a color very similar and LOVE it! As a former PB employee, I'd say go buy a cabinet and paint it that color. The quality of the case goods leaves a lOT to be desired.