Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pumpkin Pie and a New Apron

Is it too early for pumpkin pie? We couldn't wait any longer. I wish you could smell my house right now ;)
I plan to try a few different pumpkin pie recipes this year. I really want to try Martha Stewart's. But this one is the one that my mom has always made, and the one that I have always made. The recipe comes right off the Libby's 100% pure pumpkin can. I do tweak it a little, I substitute the eggs for fat free egg product, and use non-fat evaporated milk. Don't tell, my family has no idea. I still haven't found a better recipe, but am willing to give it a try this year. I'm going to try to keep an open mind.

And how fun is it to bake in this cute apron? Yes, the new aprons from City Girl finally came in, and I snagged this cute half apron. And the owner of the kitchen store ordered the plain black full aprons with the v neck and the bow that ties on the side for all of us to wear at work. So much fun! We also have some really cute holiday aprons that we will be wearing in a few more weeks. I'll share pictures of those too.


  1. Hi the apron. Have you seen the cute aprons Liza Garza from Next Food Network Star designs..they are cute too...and I'm determined to bake something pumpkin today. I've been wanting to try the Libby pumpkin roll with cream cheese. Have you ever made that? Sue...

  2. Nope, not too early for punkin' pie.

    Love the apron!

  3. That pie looks delish and the apron is SO DARN CUTE!! :) Love it!

    I just baked my first pie last week! I was so proud of myself. I cheated with store-bought dough, but it was a first for me :)

  4. I love your apron, Alice! I so want to come work in your kitchen store. We have a new open air mall 5 minutes from here and I think if they open a kitchen store I might just get me a part time job!

  5. ALice, I LOVE your new apron!! And the pumpkin pie looks DELISH!!! I'll tell you, those pumpkin canoli's are looking mighty fine as well! thanks for all the eye candy! YUM!

  6. Alice...I need an apron! Does your shop sell them online?
    Its never to early for pumpkin pie and I agree Libbys recipe is the best Ive found. My mom always used Twin instead of sugar.

  7. Hi Alice,
    Thanks for the low fat version of the Libby recipe. I have used that recipe for many years but now I will try the Alice Libby version! Love your apron too. I also love aprons and have a online store selling aprons for the entire family. Take a look and let me know what you think? Thanks, Maggie

  8. Hi Sue, I haven't seen Liza Garza's aprons. But I will look for them. I just found a recipe for a pumpkin roll. I thought it looked interesting, I'll check out Libby's too. Thanks!
    Hi Pat, thanks for stopping by!
    Jersey girl, congrats on your first pie. I cheat with store bought sometimes too. Pilsbury's is so good, sometimes better than mine. If you get the time, try barefoot contessa's. It's pretty easy, and delicious.
    Hi Jen, the kitchen store is so much fun! If you get one a part time job is the ticket.
    Kristi, thanks for stopping by.
    Hi Kat, we do have an on-line store, but it's not really run by us. it directs you to and they don't have everything we have, such as cute things that the owner has picked out etc... and we definitely don't have everything they have. But we can ship things that we have in stock from the store if there is something you want, let me know.
    Maggie, thanks for sharing your site. The aprons are darling!