Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Welcome to PDC the Boutique

I wanted to give you a tour of a fun little boutique in my town that I have recently discovered.
It's located in Lodi's historic downtown in the old Woolworth's building.
Lisa just celebrated her first anniversary on the 2nd of February. I have really enjoyed getting to know her...we have similar taste, she is very sweet and helpful as is the rest of her staff.
The store is filled with unique and handmade treasures. A touch of french-modern, vintage with a funky twist. Anyway, come on in, let's start the tour.

This is Stephanie, Lisa's assistant. When Lisa is away, her boutique and customers are in good hands.

I love these black chandeliers. And the words on the wall.
There really is something for everyone here. If you want to pamper yourself, or need a gift. She even has things for your dog. I purchased the cutest leopard print leash for Rosie here, which I believe was handmade.

Love the black and white lanterns.

All Ready for Valentines day.

Vintage movie star posters. Love Veronica Lake!
We are changing Melissa's room to this style. I have picked up some wonderful artwork, black feather pillows (would love that black chandelier) from the boutique. Lisa has been very generous with her ideas. Hopefully in the not so distant future I'll be posting on Melissa's room make-over.
All images courtesy Tom Saragoza (thanks Tommy)


  1. This looks like a great shop!

    I just looked at your home staging post. Can't wait to see what you do. Our neighbor does home staging. She stays very busy with it!

  2. I would LOVE to shop at this store!! Looks like SO much fun! Thanks for sharing it with us! :)

  3. Oh, I've never been there and now I want to...if I had $ to spend, that it! Love the photos too, what a talented guy he is.

  4. Hey Alice! Thank you again for putting my store on your lovely blog. Like I mentioned before you have a great sense of style! Also, happy to say that I'm a "blogger" too now. YAY! -Lisa Starkey

    PDC The Boutique