Thursday, February 26, 2009

Room re-arrangment

When I was a child I thought it was very exciting when my mom would re-arrange the furniture. Whether it was the living room, or even better when my brother and I would get to switch rooms. This gene must have been passed down to me, because I am always switching things around in search of the perfect spot, whether it's the sofa or the silverware. And as an added bonus re-arranging is like getting something new...without spending any money;)
Today I re-arranged the family room. I borrowed a few pieces from the living room. I'm really liking the blue and green together. Now I need to find something to go over the sofa.
This is a really awkward room to work with, very narrow. I have often wondered if this was actually meant to be the dining room way back when the house was originally built???

The office area. Someday I would like to actually have a room. But until then, this corner works out ok.

This is the only eating area in the house. It's rather small, another reason I wonder if the family room was originally the dining room. Any thoughts?


  1. Hi Alice...I love re-arranging furniture too...I took my great room, in the front of the house, and made it my dining room and the dining room is now our family room...It looks like in your picture that there is a light fixture in the ceiling in the family room which leads me to believe it was the dining room at one time...Most living rooms don't have a ceiling fixture in the middle of the room...unless a ceiling fan was there..does the room have an area rug down? A rug might take away from the room looking narrow....Sue.

  2. Alice I love the blue and green together too! I love that lamp on the side table next to the sofa. The room looks wonderful. Its quite possible taht this was the dinning room. Big DR!

  3. I just LOVE your house! And I've got total envy of your ability to be able to switch your living room around! Mine is so small that there's just no changing it up!

    Love your blog!

    Martha from Elizabeth Hill

  4. OK, I got an entirely new perspective of your house from these pics...there was just enough detail on the edges to see where each room connects. love it!

  5. I love the "green & blue". And the "yellow and white" kitchen in San Francisco is calling my name. It is so inviting and so warm. Congratulations on your blog I LOVE IT! Since I have been in your home many times, it still amazes me how different it can look each time you get into a "rearrange" mood. But as good as you are at decorating you are even better at baking. YOU ARE THE BOMB! CB

  6. You guys are so sweet!
    Kat, I am so tempted to someday turn it into a dining room.
    Martha, thanks for leaving such a nice comment and stopping by my blog!
    SJV, you are too funny... can you see it now! It is definitely a different lay-out. I promise next time to have it picked up so you can come past the front door lol.
    CB, You just made my day! I love that you read my blog... and I'm really glad that you like my baking! You know how much I enjoy it.