Monday, February 23, 2009

The Bachelor

Melissa or Molly
Anyone watching? Who has your vote?
I really like Melissa. Personally I think she's perfect for Jason.
Do you think DeAnna has a chance?
Any thoughts on the big build-up they are showing for the finale?
Ok, so I am way too into this ;)



  1. I don't know who I would pick. :( My favorite is gone. :(

    I am waiting for this big finale. :)

  2. If it can't be Jillian I just don't care! I was so shocked and sad. She was my pick from day one.

  3. I didn't watch this time but two episodes. If I had to pick which one I think out of the two hmm.... I would pick Melissa just because the show I did watch the chemistry seemed to be there. But, I have been wrong on every one. :)

  4. Personally, I find Molly to be very annoying. I adore Melissa, and think she is too too cute in a nice way.

    I think I will cry if he does not pick her, but then again, maybe there is someone out there better than Jason for her.....

    I am always wrong about the outcome, and then not at all surprised when the couples do not last.

  5. I really wanted him to end with Jillian but between the 2 left I hope he picks Melissa.

  6. Did you watch??? I can't even talk about it! Can't believe I wasted my time ha ha!