Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day Cupcakes

It's okay to cheat if it's from a Barefoot Contessa mix ;)
Honestly, her mixes taste just like her recipes from her fabulous cookbooks.
So I thought I would use a short-cut tonight. And I only got rave reviews. I added fondant heart cut-outs, valentine sprinkles, and red liners...instant Valentine's Day Cupcakes.

image: Barefoot Contessa

Now if I had this cute apron to bake them in I'd be set.

image: Jessie Steele


  1. such cute cupcakes...Ina would be proud..I was going to make a cherry pie in my heart shaped pie pan but took one look in the mirror and decided against it...Have a Happy V Day!!

  2. I love that apron. I had fun baking too for v-day.

  3. Yummy looking! And that apron is adorable!