Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Pantry

image: southern living
I know... I'm a little late to the party. It seems with the new year everyone has been organizing, kitchen pantries in particular. Tanya at Sunday Baker has inspired many people to share their pantry success. She has also shared some valuable tips.

image: cooking light
Also, check out Melaine's amazing pantry transformation at My Sweet Savannah.
I am truly inspired!

Now if I only had a pantry... unfortunately this house does not have one. What I do have is a row of cabinets with un-adjustable shelves that are too short. So there lies my dilemma...come up with some sort of system that will utilize the space that I do have. Find some sort of container that will hold a box of cereal so I can stop laying the boxes on their sides.

image: the container store
My pantry will never look like these, but they are fun for inspiration. A girl can dream.
This week I will be working on my "pantry" and a little kitchen re-organization (my family will be thrilled) in my never-ending attempt to make my kitchen more efficient. Pictures to follow later in the week, as thrilling as that may be ha ha.


  1. Okay so I guess tomorrow I start on organizing the pantry...I have a small one, think a small closet with a French door. I have all my dinner china in it along with assorted appliances and ofcourse the infamous cereal boxes....I'll have to also post a picture after I make it look more presentable...Thanks for the inspiration....You bake the cookies, I'll stand up the cereal box!!

  2. Deal Sue! I'm looking forward to your panry pictures. Small closet with french door sounds wonderful to me.

  3. Hi again have been tagged...stop by my blog for the rules and yes, I know I still can't link...You all have been so nice to try and help me...and I know how simple it must be....since the 9 hours of anesthesia the old memory isn't what it used to be....a little hard following directions. I have to visually see how things are of these days!

  4. Hi today the pantry got cleaned up for it's photo op....I better see some pictures of cookies from you soon...we had a deal!! visit the blog, I just finished posting the's a pretty lame pantry....

  5. I like the "cooking light" picture!


  6. Hi Sue, thanks for tagging me!
    Still working on the pantry/kitchen. Yours looks great! I will get to those cookies, promise. I'm making sugar cookies friday for a friend, then they are next on my list.
    Camilla, thanks for stopping by!