Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Kitchen is Organized

Kind of. As I stated before, I don't really have a pantry, only cupboards.... so I don't really have a lot to work with. I mostly re-arranged and cleared out all of the out-dated items. As usual, once I started I had to organized the rest of the cupboards and drawers. My family is happy that nothing was actually moved, so they don't need a map to find the silverware. I apologize for the quality of the pictures, I have an old camera, and do not know how to work the flash. I always get a glare, anyway, here we go....

see how low my cabinets are to the counter, drives me crazy... can't even fit a coffee pot under.

I decided to put my cookbooks on the top shelf. The above picture and the one below are side by side cabinets. this is my "pantry".

My spice cabinet that is next to the stove



another gadget drawer

and another gadget drawer. There is still one more, but the picture didn't turn out. Can you tell I work at a kitchen store ha ha.

my pots and pans cupboard. Hopefully someday that blue Le Creuset will be replaced with white :)
Well, that's it. That's the "fun" part about living in an old house. You have to get creative with cupboard space. I can't complain, I have plenty of it.... It's just weird. Now I need to work on the laundry room and linen closets.


  1. Hi Alice...well, I can see you keep Ina Garten and Dean and Deluca in business!! you did way more work in the kitchen then I did. It all looks so neat and orderly...

  2. WOW!
    1) you are officially uninvited to my house.
    2) I cannot believe the amount of Barefoot stuff you have!
    3) Ah, Mason Cash. I only have one lonely, chipped bowl. A tragedy, right?
    4) Jason commented like 5 times about the space between counter and cupboard.
    5). Guess who is cleaning her 'pantry'tonight? :)

  3. Alice I reckon that Aussie guy Peter Walsh who goes onto Oprah's show & declutters people's lives for a huge fee is seriously channelling YOU!!

    What a star you are, we can all learn something from your post today - very impressive girl!
    Millie ^_^

  4. Hi Sue, Love Ina and Dean and Deluca, Planning a trip soon...hopefully.

    Ha Ha
    1) you are too funny! I don't believe you ;)
    2)You know I love Barefoot, I have a Barefoot story for you Saturday.
    3)A huge Tragedy! Just turn that bowl, nobody will notice ;)
    4)I know, it's very frustrating... what were they thinking?
    5)Have fun! I want to see!

  5. LOL Millie, you are so sweet. How have I missed this Oprah show? Sounds like it would be right up my alley ;)

  6. Oh Alice! My heart pitter pattered with glee. One day...I will be ready to organize my kitchen one final time. Until then my family will have to live with the shuffling dishes and silverware!
    Your kitchen is lovely and so organized. When mine grows up I want it to be just like yours.

  7. I am so envious of your organized kitchen! I could spend hours doing that, but it would never stay that way. So I don't bother. ;)