Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Laundry Room

I've never really had a laundry room that I liked. In the three homes that we have lived in, the laundry room has always been located off the garage, and they have all been very narrow. Kind of a one butt laundry room, with no place to fold, iron, or even turn around. I don't know why... it's just always worked out that way. I know people that have laundry rooms in hallways, basements, bathrooms, even closets, but mine have always been in the same place.

image: hgtv
Wouldn't it be nice to have one of these laundry rooms?
A place to fold, and plenty of storage.
image: hampton design
I've always thought it would be great to have two washing machines, and a dryer.

I think the laundry room is going to have to be a consideration in the next house.


  1. I despise my laundry room too. I need to do something with it though just to make it tolerable. I think it might be next on my list.

  2. We moved our laundry room years ago from a closet in the kitchen to the garage after the washing machine hose broke during the night and 10,000 gallons of water flooded the whole first floor of the house and then leaked through the floors into the garages below....not a pretty site..and my daughter has the front loading machines and she has had major problems with mold settling in the door seals....But those rooms sure are lovely!!

  3. My dream laundry room would be a huge room looking out onto the back garden with room for a large craft/work table, plenty of storage cupboards, an ironing board that's always up, and plenty of rods for hanging freshly laundered items.
    Presently I'm also stuck with a 7'x10' "one butt" room that has so much stuff stuck in it there's barely room to fold a napkin!

  4. I'd give anything just to have a traditional washer AND dryer! Right now we have a European washer-dryer-in-one. It washes your clothes then dries them, so you have to wait to start another load until the first one has dried. And it's in our kitchen (it looks kind of like a dishwasher does beneath the counter top).

  5. I would love to have a nice laundry room. Maybe I would enjoy laundry more. Mine is maybe a little bigger than a "one butt" room. I found you over at Sue's blog. I also live in Northern California. I have a front loader washer. When I am finished, I leave the door open to air out some before we close the door.