Thursday, January 15, 2009

kitchen Inspiration

I know I have posted this kitchen before, but I thought is was worth re-visiting. I am really loving the style of pot rack in the two above pictures.

I'm always torn between having things on the counter for convenience, such as the toaster, stand mixer etc... and loving the minimal look with "clean" counters.

image: Hampton design
This ceiling is fabulous, also love the lighting!

image: Hampton design
Simple, but the chandeliers and bar stools add so much character. Love the un-dressed windows over the sink.

image: Domino magazine
I really like the stainless steel work surface on wheels.




  2. I'm the same way about the countertops. To junk up or not to junk up? That is the question. I really do like the minimalist look. Same is true for the 12 inches above my cabinets (junk or no junk?) Someday when we re-do our kitchen, I'm hoping to do something similar to the last photo you posted and have glass-front cabinets going all the way to the ceiling so that I can display things but they will be enclosed.

  3. A wonderfully inspirational post Alice. You have raised some interesting points, but since the New Year I've had an almost primal need to declutter, but my benchtops seem to have a very powerful magnetic force that atrracts every piece of junk MOTH brings in through the front door!
    Millie ^_^