Friday, January 9, 2009

It's Back...

image: sur la table

Le Creuset in white, Yay! I never understood why in the world they would discontinue white, but they must have gotten the message, because it's back!


  1. Hi Alice....I saw that white is back. Your probably it's biggest fan. I know how much you love white....How would you keep this clean?? I have the dark blue in a few pieces and use them alot, especially in the oven and i have a heck of a time keeping spatters off the finish....I would die if I got the white and the first time I used it it got a stain...How would you clean it?? Sue

  2. Hi Sue, Le Creuset also makes a special cleaner ;)

  3. Hi Alice...I am so glad to finally have white Le Creuset available to us and not just on the Food Channel. I like th silver knobs on the new line. Will I abe able to buy extra silver knobs for my existing pieces? Thanks for all your research in the wonderful world of white.

  4. I agree, how can white be wrong? Now I need to decide what piece do I "need" in the white??

  5. Hi Charlotte! It was frustrating to see Giada with all her white le creuset, and we couldn't get our hands on one piece. Boy did we miss the boat on that one!
    We do have extra silver knobs if you wanted to switch them all out.
    I guess the white is re-placing the chestnut brown which has been discontinued, so if you know anyone...
    Also shiny black is available now too...if you are a fan.
    Hi SJV! I know... hard to justify just for the color.( But I will eventually lol, I've been waiting for white to come back for a long time)
    What size and color do you have now?

  6. Hooray Alice - this is very exciting news! Just hope it doesn't take 10 yrs. to reach Australia.
    Millie ^_^