Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kitchen Pictures

After being here about 7 months, I'm finally getting around to posting pictures of the kitchen. Not a lot of space...and a lot of my stuff is still in boxes in the garage, but a least it's close by :)
I do like the bar on the other side of the sink so my friends can visit with me while I'm working in the kitchen.
I had to share a picture of the olive oil bottle...my friend Charlotte's son in law designed the label, pretty cool! And thanks for the olive oil Charlotte :)

Roxey and Rosie... how did you two get in here???

My bulletin board and magazine holder, finally a kitchen with a little wall space.
Too bad it's definitely lacking in the storage/cabinet department.

I got these bottle dispensers at Target.

More wall space, yay! My treasured signed Barefoot Contessa book. And since I didn't have one cupboard or drawer that is big enough for my rolling pin, I had to get a little creative.
That's pretty much it, not huge, but at least enough counter space to work on.


  1. I love your kitchen Alice!!! So glad you are posting pictures of your new place! I was wondering where you moved to! The cabinets are so warm and beautiful! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Hi Alice....I love your kitchen...always nice to have a fancy kitchen to bake in...the magazine wall rack is really nice and I love how you hung up the rolling pin....I have to check out my local Target to see if they have the dispenser bottles...I could use a few of those....Sue.

  3. Alice- Your kitchen is lovely! Is it strange to be living in a rental? We will likely be traveling down that road for then next year or so. Are you allowed to paint any walls? I'm not sure how easy it will be for me to live with all white walls but we do what we gotta! Love those Target dispensers. What area did you find them in?

  4. Thanks Kristi and Sue :)

    Jen, It is actually kind of nice living in a rental...not as worried about plumbing and anything else that might go wrong:)
    The walls here are a good color, actually I think they are the color in a few of the rooms that I picked out in our last two houses. But I do wish I could paint my bedroom chocolate brown, but not really that big of a deal. I found the dispensers in the bath section at target. thanks for stopping by, it's good to see you :)

  5. Beautiful! Now come decorate my kitchen. I'm just not good like that.