Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It Was a Beautiful Day

We took a little break from packing and moving today to take a road trip to one of my favorite places. On the way we usually see these planes taking off and landing from Travis Air Force Base, but today we got a really good picture of one going right over us.
First stop Napa Style in Yountville.

Grey Sea Salts.

Isn't this the cutest? I have always loved it in the larger size, but this little one would be perfect on a counter or buffet.

Last stop Bouchon Bakery for their fabulous bread and Macaroons. I seriously want to learn how to make them.

And our last stop in St. Helena, Fideaux, to get the girls some yummy treats too.

The weather was perfect. It was nice getting away from the heat for a little while.


  1. Hi Alice...I know I have been gone a few weeks but I missed something?? Are you moving and the picture of the lake house is that your new home?? Loved your pink desserts...would have loved to have seen how the cake pops from Bakerella turned out...I love the stuff she comes up with...fill me in on what's happening out there in northern Ca......

  2. I love Bouchon Bakery and the Restuarant is amazing!! I also peeked at your other posts and I'm SOOOO craving cupcakes! Gee thanks Alice! You're quite the baker. Also, are you so proud that I now am becoming a real "blogger" lol!

  3. Hi Lisa, I am proud of you! Love your blog!