Wednesday, August 12, 2009

If The Shoe Fits...

The other day as I was walking across the parking lot where I work to the Bakery ( to get my diet Coke fix) I spotted this little foot/shoe just like this laying there, all by itself. It just made me wonder who lost their foot? Was it part of a ballerina on a Birthday Cake, that no longer has a foot? Or just a child's toy missing it's foot? I suppose I will never know.


  1. Poor ballerina, she is limping all over the place!

  2. Looks like those Bratz doll foot.You can take them out and put new "feet/shoe". Sigh My daughter got those as a gift. :(

  3. Only a true Blogger would have taken out a camera and taken a picture of this little shoe....did anyone look at you crazy??

  4. A Bratz doll, didn't think of that.
    We just barely missed the Bratz dolls... my daughter was too old for them when they came out.
    Ha Ha Sue, I just had to take a picture!