Tuesday, June 9, 2009

St. Helena

We took a little road trip to St. Helena with the girls today. The weather was perfect, everything was green and beautiful.
One of our favorite places to stop at...Dean and Deluca.

I have an obsession with these little spice containers ;)

We stopped at Fideaux, Roxy got a new bed (she hopped in it at the store, and hasn't gotten out of it yet) and the girls got lots of treats.


  1. I have gotten behind on blog reading, but had to comment when I saw this post. Hubby and I have been to Dean and Deluca before. Glad you had a beautiful day for your drive. We have not been to St. Helena in awhile. We need to take a drive ourselves one of these days.

  2. I love going to Dean and Deluca and sometimes it is the only reason I go to the wine country! It gets so crowded during harvest season so I tend to steer clear of this packed store at that time, otherwise I can easily buy up all of those tins of interesting spices...and their baked goods...yum!

  3. Hi Neabear, thanks for stopping by.
    Hi Bridgett, So funny...I have been known to drive there just for Dean and Deluca too!

  4. Last fall I had a girl's trip and we went to wine country and had a blast. We stopped at Dean and Deluca's and got all our stuff for our picnic a couple of days. I love that place.