Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pirate Party

image courtesy: Ian Bender
My Friend Charlotte's Son in law had a surprise birthday party, and I was flattered that she asked me to make the desserts. The theme was a Pirate party.

image: courtesy: Ian Bender
The Pirate ship was made using the Nordicware Pirate ship pan, and we made cupcakes with blue frosting for the sea. Andrea did all the detail work on the ship, she did an incredible job! And the birthday boy's brother made the flags... I'm impressed! Andrea also helped me frost all those cupcakes, in addition to the blue we also made vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting and chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting, I think there was about 200 all together. This really was a group effort, I'm very happy with the way it turned out. Andrea and I had fun baking and frosting. (thanks Andrea!) And it sounds like the party was a success, all those cupcakes were happily eaten!


  1. Totally Awesome! My nephew would love that ship! I bet you had one happy crew! Hee! :)Dina

  2. You and Andrea did do an excellent job on the incredible cupcakes and awesome pirate ship. I think this dessert table will go down in pirate history! Thanks again

  3. A&A- I am sooo impressed. Still think you should go into business. How 'bout "A+ Bakery"?

  4. Alice, You and Andrea did a fantastic job. What an undertaking this was! I am so impressed with not only the amount of cupcakes involved, but also the detail work. These definitely make my cupcakes look wimpy! You must have infinite patience.

  5. Awesome job Alice! You are one talented girly!

  6. Wow! That is incredible! What a job to make all those.