Friday, July 3, 2009


One day last month we spent the day in Carmel. Tommy had never been, so we tried to get in as much as we could in that afternoon. There is so much more... we are planning another trip soon.

Roxy and Melissa at the beach

It was a beautiful day.

One of the things that I love about Carmel is that it's the dog friendliest city. There are dog bowls filled with water, most shops welcome your dogs in with little treats.

This is our favorite place to eat. They even have a dogie menu. This was also Roxy's first trip to Carmel, I think they had a good time!

Melissa, Tommy and Roxy at Forge in the Forest

We took Tommy on 17 mile drive. Of course I notice the homes. Tommy was nice enough to get some really great shots for me.
I thought this one was very interesting.

Sure would like to see the inside of this one... I bet it's incredible!

I thought this was a really cool picture that Tommy took.

Wild life on 17 mile drive

Thanks for taking all the wonderful pictures Tommy!
Hope you had as much fun as we did.


  1. Hi Alice....if I ever get lucky to come out to the west coast Carmel is on my list of places to visit...great pictures..I also wanted to take a balloon ride in Napa Valley but then husband showed me on You-Tube how they crash and burn.....he's such a buzz kill....

  2. Ha ha Sue, I'm with your husband!
    If you ever do make it to Carmel let me know...

  3. Great photos, all the homes look amazing, but my favorite is the squirrels!!

  4. I absolutely love Carmel and we try to make it over there a few times a year. My husband always make it a point to eat at the Forge in the Forest for at least lunch. My favorite is the evening so you can eat outside with all the patio lights (and the heaters!). Did you do any shopping? It looks like you all had a blast.

  5. The Squirrels were very entertaining!
    Hi Bridgetett, just a little shopping... Had to check out Sur La Table ;)