Sunday, July 27, 2008

Is orange the new color trend?

I'm really excited about the new colors at pottery barn. I have been noticing orange being used a lot lately. Maybe it has been around a while, and I have just started noticing it, that's pretty typical of me. I usually come on board when a style is on it's way out.
There's nothing like the challenge of trying to find something that has been discontinued. Anyway, I just got the new catalog last week, and have already made a trip to pottery barn and made a couple of purchases for my living room. I will post pictures of those later. But, I am really coveting the Serafina Floral Duvet and shams with the burnt orange pick stitch quilt and shams. Melissa is in need of a change in her room, and I think it would be perfect for her. She is liking it too, so maybe orange will be in our future.

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