Sunday, June 13, 2010

What's Old is New Again

My new collection is Pyrex. Larry and I have been having fun on our road trips (today we went to Sonora) looking through antique shops, picking up old pieces of Pyrex. These small casseroles are the perfect size. The funny part is Larry used to have the green flowered Pyrex when I met him. Haha, now we are scouting antique shops for it... who would have ever guessed. I'm kind of liking how all the different colors are working together. I think I'm onto a new color scheme for the kitchen....again :)


  1. I have a pyrex mixing bowl set in turquoise since the early 70s and they are my favorite bowls. I like the pattern and the colors on your bowls and I bet you can find more out there. Glad you are having fun on your trips.

  2. It is funny how old dishes come in and out of Style. I just recently picked up a late 70's early 80's era Corning Ware set. Love your blog.