Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Simply Beautiful White Kitchens

I haven't posted any inspiration pictures of white kitchens in awhile now. Thought I would share a few that I found at House Beautiful.

When can I move in? This kitchen has a lot of space, it would be fun to bake in here. Some of the things I love... the floor, subway tile, and the stainless steel hood.

Love this black mirror, a little unexpected...what a great idea. That island is fabulous, simple but functional.

A little on the smaller side, but it's so open, and has all the elements that I love.

Love the windows, cabinetry, and the sink. I would probably have to replace the crab picture with something else...

Very elegant.

What's not to love about this kitchen? And I immediately noticed the Arte Italica coffee canister, and the Le Creuset tea kettle. It's funny ever since I started working at the kitchen store I always notice (in pictures and in movies etc...) what accessories are in the kitchen. One of the other girls that I work with said she does the same thing ha ha!

Love the black and white.

Love just about everything in this kitchen. The island with the towel bar, pot racks, subway tile...


  1. You had me at subway tiles! I love a white kitchen and one of the photos had an amazing oven. I also check out the kitchen in movies along with earrings:) You have my one of my dream jobs but I would want to bake in the store too:) Like you I would NEVER bring home a paycheck and would probably end up being in debt and it would be cheaper if I just lived in the store:) You have a great blog and I will be back and thanks for visiting my new blog.

  2. Hi Joyce! Thanks for leaving a comment. We talk about that all the time, it would be so much fun to have a kitchen in the store, we would be baking and cooking all the time ;)
    We used to have a cooking school next door, that was fun. And there is the possibility of that happening at another location...I can dream!
    Have a great day!

  3. White is my favorite for the kitchen. I wouldn't know where to begin to choose which one I would want for my own as they are all gorgeous. What fun to create something delicious in one of those kitchens! I loved this post.

  4. They are all very pretty, I would be afraid to do that much white with little kids. I think I'd spend most of the time cleaning it to stay white. :)

  5. What great pictures. I love white kitches.

  6. This kitchen is romancing me!

  7. drool worthy... oh boy... bright, big and beautiful kitchens... i dream of having a huge bright kitchen one day with tons of counterspace to work!

  8. Awesome and beautiful kitchen!!! I like this kitchen its so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.